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About Esther

Esther Pauline Farley is a 2021 graduate of the Boston Conservatory at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Contemporary Dance Performance with an emphasis of Jazz Dance. Currently, she is dancing with Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre and freelancing in Chicago, Illinois. 


Esther has performed in Keepings Things Whole, choreographed by Gabrielle Lamb, Tongues, choreographed by Bradley Shelver, the Metallica Project, choreographed by Otis Sallid, and Luza, choreographed by Catherine Coury.


Esther’s student choreographed solo work, Montmartre, debuted at the Detroit Dance Exchange and was selected and performed at the Conservatory’s 2019 Winterworks concert as well as a prestigious gala at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Her piece, Transoceanic, appeared in the Conservatory's 2020 Winterworks concert. She was instrumental in producing and directing a student choreography concert during the spring of 2018 and 2019, as well as initiating Might Dance Collective, a student choreography club. 


Esther has also assisted in student-produced musicals, most notably, Peter and the Starcatcher and American Idiot. Esther recently performed in La Casa Azul, a professional, original musical by Gregory Hancock and directed by Georgina Escobar.

Esther received her early dance training at the Academy of Dance Arts and developed a passion for musical theatre while attending the Boston Conservatory Musical Theatre summer intensive in 2016. She received acting training through Chicago talent firm, Management by Morgan, and has played roles in short-films and independent projects.


She has enjoyed numerous diverse dance intensives and workshops, most relevant, Movement Invention Project NYC, directed by Francesca Harper, and A League of her Own: Lipstick Diaries NYC, directed by Jessica Castro.

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